Father and children pictures
Father and children pictures


In 1990 I experienced the worst time of my life – namely being forced to live apart from my 5-year-old son.  My soon to be ex’ wife was mean and hateful and the court system seemed uncaring and cold.  After much careful thought I decided to radically change my life and career.  I immediately enrolled in law school, graduated in two years and started representing good fathers ever since.

I am a Father’s Rights attorney. I represent fathers in all aspects of family law.  I help them obtain the best possible result in their divorce, paternity, child custody and support cases.  I know and have worked with all the family law judges in San Bernardino and Riverside County. 

You don’t have to go through the court system alone.  I can help you.  I understand your love and concern for your children.  I have been through it.  My fees are reasonable and I will also consider payment plans if needed. 

Don’t wait; call me today for a consultation appointment in my San Bernardino office.

Incidentally, my son is now a college graduate and we are closer than best friends.  Most important is that he knows I was, and always will be, there for him and that I fought for him.  Yes, I got custody of him when he was young.  Believe me I went through hell and back.  I can’t say that the process will be easy, but I have been down that road and I will be with you every step of the way.  You and your children will always know that you did your very best for them.

Call me today!
David H. Heisler
Attorney At Law

215 N. "D"  Street
Suite 300
San Bernardino, California 92401
Telephone: 909-386-5244
Fax: 909-386-5246

"If you have a family law issue, David is your guy... David and his staff let me know what to expect, what could be done, and I watched him fight for me in court." – Pammy R.

 "From the first meeting we had with Mr. Heisler, both my husband and I felt at ease. The personal attention that was given to our case was greatly appreciated." – Christin D.
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